Unleashing the Happy Wheels

Unleashing the Happy WheelsDo you love games?
Games are all about entertainment, learning and furthermore fun. In the world of technology many games are being invented. Today I want to unleash to you one of my very best; the Happy Wheels unblocked. When I first played this game I got the feeling of a geek; indeed I was fast and furious. This game is a very popular rag doll physics game with a good sense of humor. It is easily and deservedly one of the most popular games in the internet. We must appreciate the developers for creating such a fun.

About the game
Happy Wheels full version was first released in 2010 (by the way game can be found right here) but later gained its fame around 2013. The main aim of this game is way simple. You are required to reach the end of a level in one piece. There are so many forms of transport, usual and unusual, that you could try out. They range from a wheelchair to a regway. In trying to complete each level, it will be in order for you to evade all the possible obstacles and threats. Almost all the levels end in extremely violent deaths, creepy uh? This game is quite enjoyable and sometimes hard to explain because a part from the Sledge Joyride, Lawnmower Frenzy and Rope Soccer levels that takes you to the world of other players’ imaginations, it gives you an opportunity to try out some of the levels that other people have created. What makes it more interseting is its gory twists that racers experience. The racers move like real bodies but when the player misses a turn and falls into a pit, the blood and body parts fly in a surprisingly humorous way.

This depends on the version you are using. There is the android App version and the desktop version. If you need more fun than never before I recommend you use the desktop version because it is still by far the best. When using the desktop version, the major control keys are shift and ctrl for secondary action, z for eject, space for secondary action, up/down keys for foward and reverse respectively, LSK and RSK for leaning. However, you can also set your own control system at your convenience. Not everyone will love Happy Wheels but its definitely worth a peek. The combination of blood, racing, guts and sheer enjoyment of body disintegration is the partying shot for this game. What are you waiting for? Grab the fun!

A Review Of Raze 4 – A Highly Anticipated Online Action Game

Raze is at last back and much better than ever in Raze 4! Loaded with much more excitement, more accomplishments, more levels, and much more options for customization, you’re sure to invest hours of enjoyable playing! Shoot down your opponents to win lots of gold! What have you been waiting for? Enjoy it now!

The Instructions

Just like the previous versions, this specific game includes the Humans mode as well as an Aliens mode. However, Raze 4 also includes a fresh mode – Zombies! Fight the right path through the Humans and Aliens modes for unlocking the Zombies mode. Kill all the opponents to complete the achievements and earn a lot of gold. Use the precious metal for upgrading your weapons and get new gear.

The Controls

In this particular online game, the key controls are just like the previous versions. You should use the A, S, D, and W keys to maneuver your character. Use the computer mouse to shoot your own weapon. Press the spacebar to make your character leap. Toggle through your own weapons by pushing the Q as well as the E keys, the Enter as well as the Shift keys, the numbers 1 to 0 in your keyboard, or simply using the mouse wheel. In order to pause the game, the P button must be pressed.


Raze 4 includes a lot more levels than its previous versions. Within the Humans campaign, there are more than 20 levels that you should complete. Each level consists of four difficulty modes – super easy, easy, hard, as well as nightmare. In the initial 10 levels, you’ll learn the fundamental concept of the game in addition to how to make use of your weapons. Once you’ve finished all of the levels within the Humans campaign, you are able to unlock the Aliens setting. This mode functions over 15 various levels and additionally includes 4 difficulty modes. When you’ve finished the Aliens campaign, you can then progress to the Zombies mode. Within the Zombies mode, you need to confront with a lot of zombies. Kill all of them to complete this awesome game!


As you play this mind-boggling game, you will start to unlock achievements, this game is 100% free and it can be found over official site. There are 30 achievements that you could obtain while actively playing Raze 4. Some are incredibly simple to achieve while other people are significantly tougher. For instance, one achievement would be to simply complete the tutorial mode, while another would be to finish the Zombies campaign.

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