BEST RATED SUPER SMASH FLASH 2 UNBLOCKED RELOADEDSuper smash flash 2 unblocked is rated as one of the best fighting games produced by the Mc Leod Gaming that has recently come out in an unlocked version. Its animation is just fabulous. All the unique and favourite characters from the world of video games and comic books are waiting for your help.

super smash flash is an excellent game where you fight with the world’s famous characters from various series such as Sonic, super Mario, Megaman and more characters.

Each fighter has his own unique abilities , which he uses to win the clash. In the game, you are favoured to be on the famous character’s side where your ultimate goal is to beat and knock out all your opponents to win. Select your favourite character from the list provided and begin the dynamic battle on the colourful pixel under awesome background soundtracks.Try to kill as many enemies as possible in the fighting game to avoid losing.
You can either play:
Single player against the computer,
Against a friend or
Play together with many friends on one computer in a tournament mode.

REMEMBER:The more you play the more you unlock more new characters and new skills.

The game has three main modes; Classic, Adventure and All-Star Modes. In all the three you can jump through levels. To jump from one level to the other, right-click anywhere on the game screen, select,”settings”. Right- click again when the settings open and then click “play”. Your character is now waiting for your control. It’s worth noting that jumping through levels will not work in Adventure mode until you get to level four, but when you pass it, it will be possible to jump over levels.
If you correctly jump through the levels in all the three games you will be able to see the panel. Clicking on the starting part of the panel will take you to the next level.There is also a very interesting mode known as the “training”, where you can collect bonuses .mario

Your chosen character will take your instructions. The “control” key will satisfy all your requirements: two keys for attack which can be combined with directions keys (left key/6, right key/4, up scroll/8 and downscroll/2) to do more than a dozen of different combos: Mouse, arrows- moving, O – jumping, P -shock/fire.
CONCLUSION:McLead Gaming has been one of the best producers of games series which is an innovative and wonderful collection of fighting games has already made super mash game proud of. share the fun with us enjoy playing!


Unleashing the Happy Wheels

Unleashing the Happy WheelsDo you love games?
Games are all about entertainment, learning and furthermore fun. In the world of technology many games are being invented. Today I want to unleash to you one of my very best; the Happy Wheels unblocked. When I first played this game I got the feeling of a geek; indeed I was fast and furious. This game is a very popular rag doll physics game with a good sense of humor. It is easily and deservedly one of the most popular games in the internet. We must appreciate the developers for creating such a fun.

About the game
Happy Wheels full version was first released in 2010 (by the way game can be found right here) but later gained its fame around 2013. The main aim of this game is way simple. You are required to reach the end of a level in one piece. There are so many forms of transport, usual and unusual, that you could try out. They range from a wheelchair to a regway. In trying to complete each level, it will be in order for you to evade all the possible obstacles and threats. Almost all the levels end in extremely violent deaths, creepy uh? This game is quite enjoyable and sometimes hard to explain because a part from the Sledge Joyride, Lawnmower Frenzy and Rope Soccer levels that takes you to the world of other players’ imaginations, it gives you an opportunity to try out some of the levels that other people have created. What makes it more interseting is its gory twists that racers experience. The racers move like real bodies but when the player misses a turn and falls into a pit, the blood and body parts fly in a surprisingly humorous way.

This depends on the version you are using. There is the android App version and the desktop version. If you need more fun than never before I recommend you use the desktop version because it is still by far the best. When using the desktop version, the major control keys are shift and ctrl for secondary action, z for eject, space for secondary action, up/down keys for foward and reverse respectively, LSK and RSK for leaning. However, you can also set your own control system at your convenience. Not everyone will love Happy Wheels but its definitely worth a peek. The combination of blood, racing, guts and sheer enjoyment of body disintegration is the partying shot for this game. What are you waiting for? Grab the fun!

Unblock your Responses with “CUBEFIELD UNBLOCKED”

Unblock your Responses with “CUBEFIELD UNBLOCKED”Cubefield Unblocked is a game developed by Yo Arcade one of the best amongst other developers.The game basically based on the reaction timing of the player one need to be very fast in thinking as well as reacting at the same time. If you think that you are the one having such capabilities then come on play this is the coolest and most entertaining game. The game is never-ending you just have to score more to beat the top players in the league. You can also invite over your friends and show them that your response time is much better than anyone. Practice enough try not to lose in the battle of reactions with your friends. One just needs to try not to crash into any obstacles and you will be the emerging champion in you group. Sounds Easy like nothing.

Instructions ~ The Cubefield unblocked is simple game nothing fancy. The player needs to control a triangular object throughout the field and have to make sure that it does not crash into any obstacles i.e cubes which come into the way. Your main objective is to survive as long as you can on the field will dodging the upcoming cube. The cubes are arranged in a way no one can predict. At first, you might found a group of nicely & well-organized cubes forming a straight road till the end but only in few seconds, you find yourself surrounded by the numerous random cubes as your enemies. If you crash into any your game is over. You even not get a chance to understand what just happened with you.

Controls ~ Controls are simple and straight. Only arrow keys are required to control the triangular object and move it. But if you think that’s a child play you are surely mistaken.

P.S. I always share some awesome flash games with you and blogs where you can play them for free, today game of the day is QWOP! and of course popular impossible quiz series.

Zombie Trailer Park Game Review

This is a free flash titled game developed by Ninja Kiwi that is entertaining, exciting and full of action. The aim of the game is to manage your fighting units by organizing them to defend your trailer park from the zombies that have taken over and destroyed the Metropolis.
The game is set up in a fairly typical castle defense system, with cash being earned over time and units purchased to run blindly into the zombies until you push them back and destroy their stronghold
Killing zombies earns you points that you can eventually use to activate special abilities that helps you to initiate a strong assault on zombies and clinch the win.

Play Impossible Quiz for free and use answers if you stuck at .

zombie-trailer-park-game-reviewFeatures of The Game
· It has four stages to complete. Each stage increases the challenge in the game and the higher stages are considered to be more challenging compared to the lower stages. Additional capabilities are unlocked as you progress into the next stage.
· The game is very friendly to both the beginners and the professional or expert players. It won’t take a veteran too long to complete the game
· Players can also compete online for the fastest times on the main game center and determine their capabilities compared to other players.
· As a player, you can submit and share your personal best stage times and achievements with your friends.
· There are Yee-haw powers that you can use to activate activate super weapons and kill zombies. They include an angry mob with a bone to pick with the zombies, harvester that straps a brick onto the gas pedal and off she goes and many more it is almost same as BoxheadUnblocked when it comes to action.

Game Controls and Instructions
The game controls are located on the upper left side of your screen in a horizontal manner.
The shovel man, angry farmer, survivalist, moonshine bomber and preacher man units are arranged on the top left corner of your screen in a horizontal manner. You will just have to select any of them depending on the level of the game you are playing.
The shovel man uses a shovel to smash the zombies, Angry farmer is armed with a shotgun and shoot zombies with extreme prejudice. You need to build a farmhouse before adding the farmer into your fighting unit
boxheadunblockedA survivalist involves a 50cal machine gun that is mounted on a pickup truck. You will have to build a garage before adding a survivalist in your fighting unit.
The moonshine bomber can lob vile cocktails to explosive effects. You will have to build a still before adding moon shire bomber into your fighting team.
A preacher man has the power to convert the damned into friendly units through the power of faith. You need to build a chapel before adding the preacher into your fighting team.

The buildings include.
1. The salvage yard which costs $500 and generates $50 after every five seconds.
2. The trailer, which increases the maximum people limit by five.
3. The farmhouse that enables you to make angry farmers
4. The garage that enables you to make survivalists.
5. The still that enables you to make moonshiner
If you have been searching for an action game that is full of entertainment, then Zombie Trailer Park is the game that you should probably consider playing. I highly recommend this game for you and I can openly assure you that you will enjoy every minute of your game play. Smash the zombies in style and prove your capabilities by being able to clear their base in the shortest time possible.

Your headache in The Impossible Quiz 3

The Impossible quiz 3 is another version of the well-known flash game developed by Notdoppler. It is a very popular online game. The game provides you with more fun while making you smarter at the same time. It has a collection of questions that need to be answered one after the other. You will need to use logic and guessing power at some extent to get the answers. The questions are funny and appear in nice colors. The game is generally made with cool and simple designs. Each question provided in this game tests both your skills and lateral thinking. No matter how smart you are, some things will still be out of your grasp. These questions require you to think out of the box in order to unlock the right answer.

impossible quiz

Game play 

The Impossible Quiz 3 provides you with very many questions to answer. For you to get far you need to answer more questions. You will also hear funny sounds while playing the game which keep you motivated. You get three lives in the quiz. Each wrong answer costs you one life. You a declared a loser when all the three lives are over. The game gives you the ability to skip some questions as a benefit of answering a certain number of questions. Some questions appear to be easy but there is always a catch. There are questions which need to be answered within a given period of time otherwise the game will be over. All you need to do is go online and search for Impossible Quiz 3 and start playing right away without any registration. Make sure you think carefully before making a choice from the four options provided on the screen. Some questions are not time bond which provide you with more time to think and decide on the right answer.


The main control of the Impossible Quiz 3 is your mouse. The mouse is used to select the right answer of choice. The game starts with the green button labelled Begun. You only need to click it to view the menu of the game. The menu is very easy to read. You can go on to read the instructions or proceed to play the game by pressing the button `Go Go Go’.


The Impossible Quiz 3 provides you with questions which need to be tackled on a game point of view. As a result, the game enhances your thinking while providing you with entertainment. The game teaches you to remain calm especially when you get some answers wrong. This helps in stress management by teaching you to take things easy in life.

Guys will enjoy this game so much [Tank Trouble 2]

Tank Trouble 2 is an amazing online game with a few upgraded features from it’s earlier versions. Tank Trouble 2 is becoming so popular that students are hacking into their schools computer systems just to play this game. Then again why wouldn’t you want to play this game? Seemingly there is no reason not to.

3Full of Action
Tank Trouble 2 is full of action whether you’re playing single player against the computer or playing multiplayer against your friends. This is one of the very few games out there that allows you to play a 3 player multiplayer battle. Either way it’s loads of fun and action packed tank fighting goodness.

Single player
The object of the single player part of the game is to destroy your enemy Laika in a variety of different levels and mazes. There are a lot of different weapons to choose from on your quest to defeat Laika. There are also extra icons you’re going to want to reach because they provide you with special upgrades and perks. This includes the ability to get super weapons. After you’re able to eliminate Laika on several different levels and maps you will have successfully beaten her and won the game.

Guys will enjoy this game so much [Tank Trouble 2]Multiplayer
Multiplayer is quite similar to single player in the aspect of general gameplay, there are still many levels of mazes on different maps to go through but there is no need for Laika because in this version you get to eliminate your friends. Play against one or two of your friends to see who is the top tank and who is in tank trouble. There are no restrictions in this multiplayer as there usually would be in other games.

For Player One the controls are E to move up S to move left D to move down F to move right and Q to shoot. Player Two will use the arrow keys to move up down left and right and use M for shooting. Player Three uses the mouse to move his or her tank and clicks the mouse buttons to shoot.

Maintenance issues? There are little to no maintenance issues in this game! Nothing to fix, no worries, just shoot away on official site .
Tank Trouble 2 is a game with a simple idea that’s a ton of fun for anyone, at almost any age, who plays it. All you have to worry about while playing this game is to eliminate the competition before you find yourself in tank trouble too.


The Highly Rated Return Man 2 – Zombies

Return Man 2 – ZOMBIES is a second version of the Return Man 1- Zombie that has highly been rated computer games. This second version is an advanced level of the first version. This means that if you enjoyed the first version, then you will definitely like this second one as well.

Return man 2

The second Version

Return Man 2 – ZOMBIES, just like the Return Man – ZOMBIES, is an American football game but this time playing with the zombies. The game requires the player to maneuver through the zombies and score to the other side. When you get through the zombies and score, it is when you earn points. This American football zombie game is one of the easiest games to control. And very addictive!


The Return Man 2 – ZOMBIES is very easy to control. One is only required to master the direction keys/arrow keys. With the arrow keys, you will be able to move through and over the zombies to the scoring line. As you move over the Zombies they will try to prevent you from reaching to the other end. So it is upon the player to look for the best way and tactics to escape from the Zombies.

One good this about this second version is that as the player moves over the Zombies, he will be able to gain new skills and prowess to overcome the resistance from the Zombies. These new skills are important because they help the player manage to move over the Zombies thus gain more points.

Return man 2 Zombies

Earning points and Levels

As the player moves successful to the other side, they are able to complete and move to the next level. This is also another good thing about the game because in level. The player is supposed to complete one level move to the next all the way to the last level. The Zombies move in a way that is hard for the play to guess their movement. And as the player continues to advance in the level, he/she continue getting zombies that are hard to dodge.

This is one of the most popular and the most high rated computer games, which is free and if you are interested you can play it online on the official site at One of the major reasons for its high rating is because of its fun and amazing challenges to the player. Apart from the fun, the game also flexible and easy to play thus can be played by all the lovers of American football. Therefore if you are looking for a simple game that will keep you glued on your PC desk, then Return Man 2 – Zombies  is the game to go for.


Happy Wheels Full Version Hints and Tips

Playing Happy Wheel

The Full Version of Happy Wheels is an adventure game that is hysterical and amazing. The game has tons of different characters, as well as decent sound decoration. Therefore, you should not mute the game if you wish to enjoy those funny sounds. Your objective in Happy Wheels is to progress as fast as possible through different dangerous levels without failure. The game allows you to do almost everything from toying around a street to racing different autos, which is very difficult.

HappyWheelsFullVersionHintsandTipsInstructions for the game

The Happy wheel demo is widely popular because, the game is addictive, hard, violent, and depraved. When playing the game, you should beware of traps, objects that move, and spikes. In contrast beware of everything, it will kill you. Some levels of the game are puzzles, where you are required to hit a lever, find a switch, or drop a box. If you get stuck, keep exploring. And bring into play the exceptional abilities of the characters to help you beat the level.

The game requires you to choose your favorite characters, which is the fun part of the game since normally you don’t get to do it in video games. The characters are people who sometimes gross you out, or annoy you. Luckily, happy wheels game made it so, so that you can take out your real-life hostility on these pixilated effigies. You are also expected to create some other characters; however, they are the main ones. Looking around particularly on the game’s demo will help you find a lot more.

As you progress through the game, the instructions for each level of Happy Wheels changes. You should get your character on the board, by whatever means possible, preferably you should do so in one piece. For hints about what to do next, follow the in-game instructions. To progress through the game, you should meet each goal on each level. To choose or restart another level, hit the Menu.

Happy Wheels Game Controls

When playing the Happy Wheels, you can control your movement to the right (forward) by using the UP arrow. And your backward movement (left) by using the DOWN arrow. You can lean your momentum back (left) or forward (right) by using the left and the right arrows. Typically, space is a jump button. You can eject from your wheeled craft with the “Z” button. On certain levels, you can use the CTRL and SHIFT buttons as your secondary actions to your primary action, your primary action being the space bar.


A Review Of Raze 4 – A Highly Anticipated Online Action Game

Raze is at last back and much better than ever in Raze 4! Loaded with much more excitement, more accomplishments, more levels, and much more options for customization, you’re sure to invest hours of enjoyable playing! Shoot down your opponents to win lots of gold! What have you been waiting for? Enjoy it now!

The Instructions

Just like the previous versions, this specific game includes the Humans mode as well as an Aliens mode. However, Raze 4 also includes a fresh mode – Zombies! Fight the right path through the Humans and Aliens modes for unlocking the Zombies mode. Kill all the opponents to complete the achievements and earn a lot of gold. Use the precious metal for upgrading your weapons and get new gear.

The Controls

In this particular online game, the key controls are just like the previous versions. You should use the A, S, D, and W keys to maneuver your character. Use the computer mouse to shoot your own weapon. Press the spacebar to make your character leap. Toggle through your own weapons by pushing the Q as well as the E keys, the Enter as well as the Shift keys, the numbers 1 to 0 in your keyboard, or simply using the mouse wheel. In order to pause the game, the P button must be pressed.


Raze 4 includes a lot more levels than its previous versions. Within the Humans campaign, there are more than 20 levels that you should complete. Each level consists of four difficulty modes – super easy, easy, hard, as well as nightmare. In the initial 10 levels, you’ll learn the fundamental concept of the game in addition to how to make use of your weapons. Once you’ve finished all of the levels within the Humans campaign, you are able to unlock the Aliens setting. This mode functions over 15 various levels and additionally includes 4 difficulty modes. When you’ve finished the Aliens campaign, you can then progress to the Zombies mode. Within the Zombies mode, you need to confront with a lot of zombies. Kill all of them to complete this awesome game!


As you play this mind-boggling game, you will start to unlock achievements, this game is 100% free and it can be found over official site. There are 30 achievements that you could obtain while actively playing Raze 4. Some are incredibly simple to achieve while other people are significantly tougher. For instance, one achievement would be to simply complete the tutorial mode, while another would be to finish the Zombies campaign.

Play tank trouble unblocked online for free and invite your friends as well.