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Your headache in The Impossible Quiz 3

The Impossible quiz 3 is another version of the well-known flash game developed by Notdoppler. It is a very popular online game. The game provides you with more fun while making you smarter at the same time. It has a collection of questions that need to be answered one after the other. You will need to use logic and guessing power at some extent to get the answers. The questions are funny and appear in nice colors. The game is generally made with cool and simple designs. Each question provided in this game tests both your skills and lateral thinking. No matter how smart you are, some things will still be out of your grasp. These questions require you to think out of the box in order to unlock the right answer.

impossible quiz

Game play 

The Impossible Quiz 3 provides you with very many questions to answer. For you to get far you need to answer more questions. You will also hear funny sounds while playing the game which keep you motivated. You get three lives in the quiz. Each wrong answer costs you one life. You a declared a loser when all the three lives are over. The game gives you the ability to skip some questions as a benefit of answering a certain number of questions. Some questions appear to be easy but there is always a catch. There are questions which need to be answered within a given period of time otherwise the game will be over. All you need to do is go online and search for Impossible Quiz 3 and start playing right away without any registration. Make sure you think carefully before making a choice from the four options provided on the screen. Some questions are not time bond which provide you with more time to think and decide on the right answer.


The main control of the Impossible Quiz 3 is your mouse. The mouse is used to select the right answer of choice. The game starts with the green button labelled Begun. You only need to click it to view the menu of the game. The menu is very easy to read. You can go on to read the instructions or proceed to play the game by pressing the button `Go Go Go’.


The Impossible Quiz 3 provides you with questions which need to be tackled on a game point of view. As a result, the game enhances your thinking while providing you with entertainment. The game teaches you to remain calm especially when you get some answers wrong. This helps in stress management by teaching you to take things easy in life.

Guys will enjoy this game so much [Tank Trouble 2]

Tank Trouble 2 is an amazing online game with a few upgraded features from it’s earlier versions. Tank Trouble 2 is becoming so popular that students are hacking into their schools computer systems just to play this game. Then again why wouldn’t you want to play this game? Seemingly there is no reason not to.

3Full of Action
Tank Trouble 2 is full of action whether you’re playing single player against the computer or playing multiplayer against your friends. This is one of the very few games out there that allows you to play a 3 player multiplayer battle. Either way it’s loads of fun and action packed tank fighting goodness.

Single player
The object of the single player part of the game is to destroy your enemy Laika in a variety of different levels and mazes. There are a lot of different weapons to choose from on your quest to defeat Laika. There are also extra icons you’re going to want to reach because they provide you with special upgrades and perks. This includes the ability to get super weapons. After you’re able to eliminate Laika on several different levels and maps you will have successfully beaten her and won the game.

Guys will enjoy this game so much [Tank Trouble 2]Multiplayer
Multiplayer is quite similar to single player in the aspect of general gameplay, there are still many levels of mazes on different maps to go through but there is no need for Laika because in this version you get to eliminate your friends. Play against one or two of your friends to see who is the top tank and who is in tank trouble. There are no restrictions in this multiplayer as there usually would be in other games.

For Player One the controls are E to move up S to move left D to move down F to move right and Q to shoot. Player Two will use the arrow keys to move up down left and right and use M for shooting. Player Three uses the mouse to move his or her tank and clicks the mouse buttons to shoot.

Maintenance issues? There are little to no maintenance issues in this game! Nothing to fix, no worries, just shoot away on official site .
Tank Trouble 2 is a game with a simple idea that’s a ton of fun for anyone, at almost any age, who plays it. All you have to worry about while playing this game is to eliminate the competition before you find yourself in tank trouble too.


The Highly Rated Return Man 2 – Zombies

Return Man 2 – ZOMBIES is a second version of the Return Man 1- Zombie that has highly been rated computer games. This second version is an advanced level of the first version. This means that if you enjoyed the first version, then you will definitely like this second one as well.

Return man 2

The second Version

Return Man 2 – ZOMBIES, just like the Return Man – ZOMBIES, is an American football game but this time playing with the zombies. The game requires the player to maneuver through the zombies and score to the other side. When you get through the zombies and score, it is when you earn points. This American football zombie game is one of the easiest games to control. And very addictive!


The Return Man 2 – ZOMBIES is very easy to control. One is only required to master the direction keys/arrow keys. With the arrow keys, you will be able to move through and over the zombies to the scoring line. As you move over the Zombies they will try to prevent you from reaching to the other end. So it is upon the player to look for the best way and tactics to escape from the Zombies.

One good this about this second version is that as the player moves over the Zombies, he will be able to gain new skills and prowess to overcome the resistance from the Zombies. These new skills are important because they help the player manage to move over the Zombies thus gain more points.

Return man 2 Zombies

Earning points and Levels

As the player moves successful to the other side, they are able to complete and move to the next level. This is also another good thing about the game because in level. The player is supposed to complete one level move to the next all the way to the last level. The Zombies move in a way that is hard for the play to guess their movement. And as the player continues to advance in the level, he/she continue getting zombies that are hard to dodge.

This is one of the most popular and the most high rated computer games, which is free and if you are interested you can play it online on the official site at One of the major reasons for its high rating is because of its fun and amazing challenges to the player. Apart from the fun, the game also flexible and easy to play thus can be played by all the lovers of American football. Therefore if you are looking for a simple game that will keep you glued on your PC desk, then Return Man 2 – Zombies  is the game to go for.